Administration and Guardianship

What is Administration and Guardianship?


If a person can no longer make reasonable judgments because of a disability, such as a mental disorder or a physical disability, the governing body of the relevant Australian State or Territory can make orders in respect of the ongoing management of that person’s financial affairs (Administration) and medical/health/lifestyle matters (Guardianship) by appointing a person, persons, professional trustee, trustee company (in the case of Administration) or government guardian (in the case of Guardianship) to act in such a role or roles.

Applications for Administration and Guardianship are generally made on behalf of a person who did not make a valid Enduring Power of Attorney in respect of financial, medical and health/lifestyle matters, prior to losing the legal capacity to do so.

Our Services

  • Challenging Powers of Attorney;
  • Advise on capacity, undue influence and elder abuse issues;
  • Prepare and advise on applications to the governing body in all Australian states and territories in respect of administration and guardianship appointments;
  • Advise on legal recourse available regarding alleged misappropriation of funds by attorneys.

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